Where words leave off, music begins.
Heinrich Heine

I specialize in music for games in RPG / Action genres and always try to create an atmosphere that perfectly convey the game mood and generates new emotions. I try to make music unforgettable.
A lot of attention to harmony and details helps to move us to other places, into magical worlds. My work was strongly influenced by classical music (especially orchestral and choral music) as well as works by such composers as Akira Yamaoka, Alexandre Desplat, Hans Zimmer, David Gilmour, Jeremy Soule, Wilhelm Richard Wagner.

In early 2018 I released my solo  EP ‘HANGARAH‘.
This is a magical world, which I created as an example of the development of a musical atmosphere for games in RPG/Action genres.
You can listen to HANGARAH just below in the player.