I specialize in music for games in RPG / Action genres and always try to create an atmosphere that perfectly convey the game mood and generates new emotions. I try to make music unforgettable.
A lot of attention to harmony and details helps to move us to other places, into magical worlds. My work was strongly influenced by classical music (especially orchestral and choral music) as well as works by such composers as Akira Yamaoka, Alexandre Desplat, Hans Zimmer, David Gilmour, Jeremy Soule, Wilhelm Richard Wagner.

I have been playing music ever since I remember. I got a classical music education and almost immediately started to write music myself. When I was 8, I wrote my first work, which I presented at my music school. At the age of 15, I started my career in a rock band as a vocalist. At the age of 17 I got into another band, I bought my first keys (CASIO CTK-750) and started to write music for my band. First we played Gothic Metal, a little later I mastered some more metal styles and now this band is called ‘The Sundial‘ and it is 17 years old and I still write music for us in the style of Symphonic Metal. We have concerts and release albums.

Why metal music?
I think that very often Symphonic Metal uses classical turns in its music. I chose this style, because I see it very much classical and very grandiose and I like the grandiose dramatic orchestral parts!

In 2015, I had another side project in the style of Power Metal ‘Tale Of Shadows‘ with my colleague from Chile, in which I write and arrange vocal and choral parts, which I myself perform. I am also often invited to cooperate with other musical bands. I have a recording studio¬† ‘W Studio‘, where I spend most of the work day. I work on composition, recording and production as a sound engineer, arranger and / or orchestrator.

In 2011, I started to do my main favorite thing: I have been working solo as a composer for games. My love for the orchestra and choral music is reflected in everything. I try to make on this basis all my works and actively promote the idea of complete harmony and beauty in music.

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W Studio
The Sundial
Tale Of Shadows

In early 2018 I released my solo EP ‘HANGARAH‘. This is a magical world, which I created as an example of the development of a musical atmosphere for games in RPG/Action genres.

Quite a winter fairy tale.

HANGARAH — northern ancient location, with the main town of the same name in the middle of it. The area is magical and populated with beautiful fairy-tale characters.
Some part of the HANGARAH is sometimes not snow-covered and even a little warm. In the heavens above the terrain just to the north, sometimes you can see the northern lights. Because of the beauty and magical power of the area, on its roads and in the forests you can often meet guests, most of which aren’t local and each has its own characteristics. However, the local residents of HANGARAH have such a magic power that can be only after a certain time of residence, which was conducted in certain places of the HANGARAH.

The first composition of the EP ‘Perpetual Wanderings‘ — a sketch from the face of the Traveler, always walking on the roads, or walking without them. Music well symbolizes the Far Journey and is able to convey in its hues all that the Traveler encounters on his way.
There are cars in HANGARAH too. Not quite the same as we used to see them, but they can be used for movement.

HANGARAH’s music is an example of works with Action / RPG genre of video games.

Recorded / Mixing / Mastering: ‘W Studio’, Kaliningrad, Russia.
Sound engineer: Gabriel Wagner

HANGARAH is available here:




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Also, I developed a visual series and some characters for HANGARAH.
You can see it in the gallery below.

Photo for HANGARAH by Gabriel Wagner, DD Lin & Lyudmila Agafonova.